Saturday, April 13, 2013

Posting Schedule (such as it is or was)

My original daily posting schedule:

  • Sunday - "Sunday Sunday" - lyrics to public-domain hymns
  • Monday - "Monday Raves" - stuff I like a lot
  • Tuesday - "Tuesday Quotes" - random humerous quotes from me and people I know, posted with permission
  • Wednesday - "Waiting on Wednesday" - Book(s) I am eagerly awaiting the release of - moved to TuraLura's Picks
  • Thursday - "Thursday Rants" - pet peeves and other things that annoy me or make me angry
  • Friday - "The Friday 56" - book quotes
  • Saturday - "Saturday Snippets" - small snippets from one of my WIPs (works in progress)

I don't expect to post something for each of these every week, but I would like to continue with this schedule. Two exceptions: as mentioned above, my "Waiting on Wednesday" posts will now be on my book review blog, so I would like to find a replacement for those (suggestions welcome). And I'm putting "Saturday Snippets" on hold for a while. I don't have anything ready for sharing as of right now. That may change at any time.

I am trying to ease myself back into blogging, so posts may be sporadic for a while. Especially as I have so many reviews backlogged for TLP. Like, a dozen or so. o.O That may take a while...

Thanks for your understanding.

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