Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Twitter

Ever since I joined in late October, I've made quite a few contacts. Maybe even friends. I've actually talked to several writers.

I've talked about writing, gotten help with cooking - and I still failed to make brownies - and just had random conversations. It's awesome.

Plus, twitter has helped me with my writing. Having to fit what I want to say in only 140 characters is tough. I'm getting better, though. I'm learning to be more concise.


Another benefit, which I discovered earlier this evening during the Oscars, is not having to actually watch the Oscars. Oh, wait, I wouldn't watch them anyway. But I did find out about the only two awards that piqued my curiosity: Best Animated Movie (or whatever it's called), and Best Actress.

Up was nominated for Best Animated Movie. I was thrilled when it actually won!

Sandra Bullock, one of my favorite actresses, was nominated for Best Actress. She also won!

I found out moments after the awards were presented instead of waiting until the next day - or whenever I finally remembered - to look it up somewhere. That was really cool. I liked that. ^_^

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