Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Love Quizzes

Okay, so I'm not ready to share another snippet. Instead, I'll take a few quizzes from various places online and post my results. ^_^

First Quiz: Which Otherworld character are you most like?

Note: The quiz is about Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld series. Which I haven't actually read. Yet.


You are most like Delilah D’Artigo

Half human, half-Fae, you’re a two-faced Were, with both Tabby and Panther natures. And you belong to the Autumn Lord, above all. As his only living Death Maiden, you’re learning to accept your destiny and to embrace the power of the predator within.

Which Otherworld Character Are You Most Like

Where I Found It: Ilona Andrews' blog

Off to find some more quizzes...

Coolness, I found one for the Disney Princesses.

Second Quiz: Which Disney Princess Are You???


Belle is as lovely as her name implies but her natural unaffected beauty is far more than skin deep. An intelligent and avid reader Belle yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She is a loyal, loving daughter and when the beast finally wins her trust she gives him all her kindness and patience and then realizes she has also given him her heart. With her inner strength and outward beauty, Belle is a young woman who can and does make things happen.

Where I Found It: Toys

I think those two will be all for today. I'll probably do this again sometime. ^_^

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