Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday is for Ranting...

An Open Letter to Southern Living Magazine OR WTF, Y'all?

Subscription Department
Southern Living Magazine
P.O. Box. whatever
Where Ever, USA

RE: Your subscription offer of 2 April, 2010*

To whom it may concern:

Do you routinely send out subscription offers to dead people? I only ask because the nice little letter I received back in April was addressed not to me, but to my father. My father died on April 15, 1998. Let the man rest in peace.

Please remove his name from your lists. Thank you.


Oy. Before this past April, it had been at least five years since I received anything addressed to my father. I thought his name had finally been removed from mailing lists. Apparently, I thought wrong.

There's got to be some way to keep this from happening again. Maybe some national register of the deceased, which companies would be required to check names against before doing mass mailings.

Had this happened closer to the time of his death, it would have been more understandable. It also would have been worse, as it would have served to bring the pain of losing him right back to the surface. At this point, after twelve years, it's a little easier to handle. A little.

*Took me long enough to write this. I had to calm down first. I was seeing red when I first got the letter!


  1. I'm sorry that you received a letter like that. I sent out my normal, yearly mail for my work and received a not-so-nice email back from a lady telling me her husband was deceased. I felt like shit, but she could have just told me nicely instead of biting my head off. I don't have anywhere to go to get this information. Anyway . . . still, you'd think after 12 years. Sigh. I'm sorry.

  2. Thank you, Miss Laura. I appreciate your kindness.

    Yeah, the whole twelve years thing was what really got me. Somehow my father's name is on a mailing list twelve years after he passed? How does that even happen.

  3. How frustrating. I hope that is the last one that you get.

  4. Thanks, Miss Shell. I hope so too.