Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Rant - Aloe

Why is aloe everywhere?? I've been noticing it creeping into more and more things in recent years, mostly in soaps and shampoos and such. It's in those little strips on razors now. Every razor, it seems.

This is all well and good for most people.

If you're allergic, however, it sucks. Soap that makes you break out in hives? A razor that burns if you happen to nick yourself shaving? No thanks.

Even worse, the latex gloves used at our local health department have an aloe coating on the inside of the glove! That's ridiculous.

I hope no one who works there is allergic to aloe.


  1. Those gloves were a bit concerning when I first spotted them. My hands are finally starting to clear up so I was a bit afraid of being treated by aloe containing gloves. Fortunately, Dr. Hamaker assured me that the aloe was only on the inside but that still sucks for any doctors or nurses who may share my aloe allergy.

    Also, my rant on the subject from last fall:

  2. I'm allergic to aloe. I've written to Gillette and Wilkinson sword asking if they have suitable razors and both said no. 1 in 25 men in the UK have aloe allergies. They are missing a huge customer base. I literally cannot find suitable razors in the shops here.

    It's good to know I'm not the only one.